About Us

Gabriel Donohoe, Dip-AK, EFT-ADV

Fools Crow Vibrational Healing is located in Blackrock, Co. Louth, Ireland, and is run by Gabriel Donohoe, Dip-AK, EFT-ADV.

Following recent innovations in Energy Medicine, our clinic protocol has evolved to include potent work on the Energy Body where virtually all illness, pain, and disease originate before they manifest as physical or emotional disorders. (The Energy Body is a field of electromagnetic & subtle energies that surrounds and permeates the physical body.)

Clients who undergo our Functional Health Audit and who subsequently follow our Health Programme usually do very well and quickly recover their former good health. However, for those who don't respond so well, or so quickly, we find that balancing the Energy Body is a very effective way of healing stubborn physical ailments. Blockages in the electromagnetic flow of the Energy Body impact adversely on the biochemistry and functionality of the physical body.

For clients with more serious health challenges, we provide a Programme of Deep Healing, a guided quest to reveal one's Life Purpose, or the unfinished business of the Soul's Journey.

Background Information

Gabriel trained as a Practitioner in Bio-Energetic Health Systems under the tutelage of Rex Johnson, N.D. D.Hom. DHP, and Stephen Coburn, BEM. PRSTI. DS.  He then went on to achieve a Diploma in Advanced Kinesiology with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland.

Furthering his interest in Natural Health he went to Chicago to train in Biological Terrain Auditing and in Clinical Microscopy and Blood Cell Research in Biological Medicine (Live & Dry Blood Auditing).

He also has Foundational and Advanced Certificates in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and continues to update his knowledge of EFT with new protocols in Positive EFT devised by Dr. Silvia Hartmann, Ph.D.  He is also a practitioner of Sound & Colour Therapy.

Gabriel is also certified as a Shamanic Practitioner by the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies and provides instruction in Shamanic Journeying and offers sessions in Shamanic Counselling.

He is also an experienced Health Dowser and uses dowsing to help restore the body's frequencies to harmony & health and to clear negative or unwanted energies from buildings or from the land.