Functional Health Audit  (includes full Live/Dry Blood Audit)
Comprehensive baseline health audit, recommended 3 or more times each year,
depending on health issues. 

(Current Austerity Price)
This Audit assesses: 
a)  your body
b)  how your body
handles sugars [Glycaemic Control],
c)  how your body handles Electrolytes & Biologically Active Water,
d)  if your body creates energy cleanly & aerobically (Oxidative Metabolism),
e)  pictures of your Live & Dry Blood
     and much more...
(About 90 mins duration)

'Follow-on' Audits to monitor & measure progress
 in your Health Programme following the
 1st Functional Health Audit

Subsequent Functional Health Audits AND Live/Dry Blood Audits, as part of an Ongoing Health Programme
(About 60/75 mins duration)

Subsequent Functional Health Audits only, as part of an Ongoing Health Programme
(About 30/40 mins duration)

Subsequent Live/Dry Blood Audits only, as part of an Ongoing Health Programme
(About 30/40 mins duration)






Vibrational Sound Healing Session

(Using Weighted & Unweighted Tuning Forks of Different Frequencies)

Stimulates the release of Nitric Oxide

Very relaxing & balancing

Alleviates joint & muscle pain

Balances the Autonomic System -- Sympathetic & Parasympathetic

Improved sleeping pattern

Reduction in headaches

Improved memory & concentration

Promotes a more positive attitude to life

Session may include or substitute some of the following techniques, depending on client requirements:-

Balancing of Acupuncture Meridians & Chakras,

Colour Therapy,

HemiSync Music,

Guided Meditation,

Bio-Scalar Energy (Accumulation & Moving)

and more...

(About 45 to 50 minutes duration)



Emotional Freedom Techniques (E F T) Session

E F T  -- The Protocol of choice for those who wish to deal with

a pressing emotional problem or issue.

EFT is also used by sportsmen to enhance their performance in their

chosen sport;  golf, football, cycling, etc.

(About 45 to 50 minutes duration)


Shamanic Counselling and

Guidance in Shamanic Journeying