Frank Fools Crow
Died 27 November, 1989, aged 99Fools Crow Vibrational Healing is a Natural Health Clinic named in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer, Frank Fools Crow (1890-1989), right, known to the Lakota people as Cago Mato Wanbli, Chief Eagle Bear. Frank Fools Crow dedicated his entire life to the wholistic welfare of his own people in South Dakota and to all peoples everywhere.

Frank was the nephew of the famed Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), the eponymous subject of Neihardt's book, "Black Elk Speaks."  Defying centuries old Lakota reticence, Frank revealed many healing and cultural secrets to author and Lutheran minister, Thomas E. Mails, who wrote two books based on their conversations together, "Fools Crow" and "Fools Crow: Wisdom And Power".  Frank Fools Crow was persuaded to reveal these closely guarded secrets -- in spite of great resistance from some native traditionalists -- to help all of mankind, especially in view of the great global awakening that is sweeping our planet.

Look at the ancient Sioux Medicine Wheel, left, a cross within a circle. The 4 colours of the cross and the quadrants of the circle signify the 4 Cardinal Points, a reminder to us all that we are physically grounded on this beautiful planet. The feathers represent our spiritual nature, the true, undying essence that will fly back to the Great Creator when our physical bodies pass away and return to Mother Earth. And the circle itself signifies the turning of the 4 seasons and the eternal cycle of birth, death, and re-generation.

To the Lakota people of today, the 4 colours of the circle signify the unity and equality of all peoples of colour: those of white skin, black skin, red skin, and yellow skin.   The Lakota people also recognize and respect the inter-relationship of all life; human, animal, plant, and mineral. After all, do we not all come from stardust?

As they say in Lakota Sioux, "Mitakuye Oyasin." ("We are all related.")