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Everything Vibrates...

   Everything in the universe vibrates...


   Everything has its own individual frequency...


   Humans, animals, insects, plants, rocks...


The 'Energy Body'

Not only do humans vibrate at their own unique frequency but each organ and each cell of the body also vibrates at frequencies that are unique to them.  


These vibrations create a subtle  energy field that surrounds and pervades the physical body.  This electro-magnetic energy field directly influences the physical body and controls its metabolism, i.e., its biochemical actions & reactions.


Virtually all diseases of the physical body can be traced to a disordered biochemistry which, in turn, arises from a disruption of frequencies in the surrounding energy field, often referred to as the 'Energy Body'.


What Can Disrupt The Frequencies

Of The Energy Body?


Many things, such as:-

  • Stress

  • Mental or Emotional trauma

  • Poor diet

  • Environmental toxins

  • Harmful radiation from modern appliances, microwaves, computers, cell phones, WiFi, geopathic stress, etc.

  • Lack of exercise

  • Negative emotions - anger, hate, envy, fear, etc.
  • A troubled mind or disconnection from Spirit

Rate of Vibration   =  Level of Health

When the frequencies of the energy body are of a high vibration and are flowing freely within and without the physical body, perfect health is the result like the tuneful harmony of an orchestra where each musician plays in the appropriate key.


Harmful viruses, bacteria, parasites, and microbes also have their own distinctive frequency, always of a lower energetic vibration.  This lower vibration creates a disharmony in the body and causes it to go "out of tune".  Sickness and disease are the result.


To enjoy greater mental and physical health one needs to bring the body back into harmony by raising the vibration to higher frequencies.


How Do You Raise Your Vibration?


There are many ways to raise your vibration such as:-

          • Appropriate diet
          • Stress reduction
          • Exercise
          • Proper breathing
          • Positive emotions - love, gratitude, joy, hope, etc.
          • Meditation
          • Chakra & Meridian balancing
          • Colour & Sound therapy

... and various other techniques which we present to our clients.


How Do You Know If Your Vibration Is High Or Low?


How Do You Begin To Recover Your Health?


Begin with a Functional Health Audit.  This assessment provides a reference point of where your health is at this moment in time.  You will be given information and remedies on how to improve your health and increase your energy and vitality.  You can then measure your progress (or regress) with follow-up audits over the course of time.

What Is A Functional Health Audit?


A Functional Health Audit is an assessment of Four Essential Functions that run the biochemical processes of your body.  It also identifies your Metabolic Type, the specific nutritional needs that makes your biochemistry unique to you as an individual.


Through the use of specialized equipment we measure your level of energy reserves, high or low oxygen to your brain & tissues, electrolyte stress or deficiency, acid/alkaline balance, whether you are a Fast or Slow Oxidizer, if you are making energy cleanly & aerobically, and much more...

Blood Microscopy

And we show you spectacular pictures of your own living blood magnified over 3,000 times and relayed from a microscope to a computer screen.

Most of our clients are enthralled to see thousands of their red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other blood elements broadcast onto a large screen.  (All it takes is a tiny pinprick to the fingertip.)


The Four Essential Functions Of A Healthy Body

  1. Maintain Ideal pH:-  pH is a measure of the Acidity or Alkalinity of the body.  There is probably no pathology (disease) that is not associated with pH changes in either the blood, tissue, or cells.  And pH controls the speed and electro-magnetic potential of the body's biochemistry.  Proper levels of electro-magnetism are crucial for the absorption of essential minerals which work to repair and heal the body.
  2. Maintain Ideal Balance of Electrolytes:-  Electrolytes are salt or mineral ions that conduct the electricity the body needs to function efficiently.  An excess or deficiency of electrolytes each brings its own health problems such as high or low blood pressure, heart stress, arterial plaque, kidney disease, and other health issues.
  3. Maintain Glycaemic Control:-  Glycaemic control is all about the body's ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal brain sugar levels.  When a person loses glycaemic control they can suffer to some extent from hypoglycaemia or dysinsulinism or even diabetes.
  4. Maintain Normal Oxidative Metabolism:-  Every healthy healthy cell in the body produces its energy with oxygen.  Sufficient oxidation is required in each cell to produce energy, while at the same time minimizing excessive oxidation (free radical damage).  Recall that Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering  that cancer cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.  Dr. Warburg found that cancer cells make their energy through fermentation, a primitive & inefficient method of metabolism that operates in the absence of oxygen.  And then there are those people who oxidize (burn) their food too slowly while others oxidize it too fast.  It is important to know if you are a Slow Oxidizer, a Fast Oxidizer, a Mixed Oxidizer, or a Balanced Oxidizer.

For Optimal Health These 4 Essential Functions

Must Be Controlled & Maintained


Basics of Health

Basically, the entire interior of your body is a war zone, a relentless battleground.  Every minute of the day, every day of your life, internal warfare rages inside your cells, with no let-up. The combatants are electrons which maraud across the entire terrain of your body wreaking havoc in their wake.


The war is an electrical struggle between 'free radicals', also known as oxidants, which promote aging and disease, and antioxidants, which mobilize to halt them.


Oxidants attack each one of your trillions of cells up to 10,000 times a day.  'Free radicals' are unstable atoms or molecules which are missing an electron in their outer orbit. To restore balance, they will seize an electron from their nearest neighbour thereby creating more 'free radicals' which in turn creates a domino effect of destruction.

This destruction of tissues or organs  is known as "Oxidative Stress".  Oxidative Stress is observed to be the precursor of almost all degenerative diseases.

However, we do need a certain amount of free radicals in order to survive.  The Immune System uses free radicals to attack bacteria, viruses, and other invaders.  But, like many things in life, 'balance' is the key...


Why Minerals Are Critical For  Health & Energy?

We are all electrical beings. Our bodies operate on electricity which flows through the ionized minerals we absorb from our diet.  Basically, the human body is but a bag of minerals and water.

These minerals, or salts, conduct an electrical charge throughout the body and provide us with the energy to function efficiently, both physically and mentally.

When the body has adequate energy reserves, one enjoys good health. But when minerals become excessive or depleted, energy levels drop and ill health, aging, and disease sets in.



Dr. Carey Reams, the brilliant innovator who pioneered Bio-Terrain Auditing, echoes Dr. Pauling's observation on the absolute importance of minerals:

"Practically all diseases start with mineral deficiency, which begins with the liver and has an effect on the other vital organs...[which soon] begin to malfunction..."

Connection  With  Spirit
Remember, you are not a mortal being who happens to 'have' an eternal soul...
...You are an eternal Spirit who is currently using a body to manifest your presence upon the earth.

It is crucial to your health and happiness to become aware of your soul's true purpose on earth at this time.
Connecting with Spirit can be achieved through prayer, chanting, deep meditation, trance dancing, Shamanic journeying...
Contact us for more details.

NB:     If you think you may be suffering from a serious disease or health condition, it is important to first consult your licensed practitioner.