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Discover your unique Metabolic Type.

Everyone's biochemistry is individual to them and certain foods affect different people in different ways, sometimes drastically so.  Knowing the best foods for your own metabolism is critical for your physical & mental wellbeing.  Therefore, it is important to learn what Metabolic Type you are, i.e., the most efficient way your body makes energy.

Please complete the Questionnaire (link below).  You can do it online; there is no need to print it.

Answer as many questions as possible.

If unsure about any answer, select the closest one that applies to you.  If you feel the question has no relevance to you at all, ignore it completely.

Just send us your total number of "A"s, "B"s, and "C"s  and we will let you know your indicated Metabolic Type.

A clinical assessment is always more accurate but this Questionnaire will give a good indication.

Metabolic Types are Fast Oxidizers, Slow Oxidizers, Mixed Oxidizers, and Balanced Oxidizers.  If you are eating the wrong foods for your Metabolic Type you may feel unwell, irritable, or tired all the time.  Also, you may put on weight or lose weight or suffer from depression or other emotional disorders.

NB   Your metabolism can also be affected by your Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic or Parasympathetic), but you will need our clinical assessment to determine that.

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NB:   If you think you may have a serious disease or health condition, you should consult your licensed physician without delay.