Other Clinic Protocols

Live & Dry Blood Audit 
2. E F T (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
3. Sound Healing
4. Colour Therapy

1.  Live & Dry Blood Audit


A Live & Dry Blood Audit means observing one's own living blood in all its glory, magnified some 3,500 times from a microscope to a computer screen. One can see red cells, white cells, platelets, and various other microbial forms, a true River of Life that reveals the inner workings and imbalances within one's body.

All it takes is a tiny pinprick to the fingertip, in much the same way as a diabetic regularly checks his/her own blood.  Two miniscule drops of blood are all that are needed. One drop is placed between a cover slide and glass; this is the moving Live Blood that flows and meanders across the computer screen. The other drop, the Dry Blood, is allowed to dry and can be seen in full colour.

Leviticus 17:11 tells us: "The life of the flesh is in the blood…" Both Live and Dry Blood slides disclose a lot of information on the health and nutrition of the body. They can indicate such things as dehydration, liver stress, colon congestion, free radical activity, digestive disorders, iron deficiency, leaky gut, and so on.

Oxidative stress is indicative of free radical activity and usually means a lack of anti-oxidants in the diet. Oxidative stress is a precursor to almost all degenerative diseases.

Nota bene, a Live & Dry Blood Audit is NOT meant to be a clinical diagnosis of disease.  All that it is meant to do is to give a client a visual understanding of how his or her body is reacting to nutritional intake, emotional issues, and general lifestyle.  Some of the observed imbalances can, however, show sub-clinical evidence of possible disease in the making.

Healthy Blood                         Unhealthy Blood

                                   HEALTHY BLOOD                                               UNHEALTHY BLOOD

                    Good profile of Dry Blood with consistent                           The white 'lakes' are polymerized protein

                                  interlacing black fibrin network.                             puddles (PPPs), an indication of Oxidative Stress.                         

2.  E F T  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

E F T  is a powerful new healing tool based on the discovery that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy field.

Chart from Silvia Hartmann's website
EFT is a form of 'psychological acupuncture' -- without the use of needles. EFT relieves emotional stress by tapping on certain points of the body's energy meridians while mentally tuning in to a specific problem that is bothering one. This tapping & tuning in re-balances energy meridians that had become disrupted when one experienced an emotionally disturbing event earlier in one's life.

EFT has successfully treated a wide range of emotional problems and issues, including anxiety, bereavement, fears, phobias, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, anger, guilt, etc. It has also been applied very successfully in helping people develop a better quality of life by overcoming addictions, shyness, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of dentists, etc.

EFT has also been used to improve relationships. It can help reduce the emotional friction one may experience with one's life partner and lead to new relationships of friendship and intimacy. It can also help to improve relationships with siblings, parents, children, workmates, and so on.

EFT is also an excellent method for enhancing sports performance. It can be applied to virtually any sport from football to marathon running but is a particular favourite among golfers. Many golfing enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, have vastly improved their score and reduced errors by the use of EFT.
EFT enjoys a success rate in the region of 90%. Apart from phobias and emotional issues, it can also be applied with equal success to physical pain and a great many somatic illnesses. There are countless stories of people relieving their symptoms of arthritis, gout, headaches, IBS, PMS, and many other conditions with EFT.

Two important innovators of EFT are Gary Craig and Dr Silvia Hartmann.


3.  Sound Healing



Here is a brief description from the Colour of Sound Institute.

"Sound healing works on the principle that everything in our universe is energy which has a vibration. Everything in existence within the universe is in a vibrational state. The frequency at which we normally vibrate is called resonance.  Certain sounds therefore will resonate with different organs and parts of the body.

"Sound has been scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic, immune & endocrine systems as well as the neuropeptide transmitters in our brain. Sound healing practitioners look at their clients from this perspective and seek to balance their clients ‘dis-ease’ through correction of vibrational imbalances in their energetic system, i.e., their aura or electromagnetic blueprint.

"When an organ in the body is not functioning at its optimum its sound pattern will be off, yet by re-introducing the correct sound pattern this will help it to heal and return to health through the law of resonance. This law states that when one energetic system encounters another, similar system, their vibrations must come into a state of resonance or harmonic vibration.

"It has also been documented how sound can effect [and affect] matter. 80% of our bodies are water and the effect that sound has on water has been photographically demonstrated in Dr Masaru Emoto’s book 'The Hidden Messages in Water'.

"Different sounds produced different types of geometric shapes within frozen water. Playing ‘Mozart’ produced beautiful symmetrical snowflake like crystals whilst discordant sound had no clear structure. You can imagine then the power of sound on the water within our bodies!"

Sound Healing can be conducted with many different types of sounds: tuning forks, gongs, bells, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, music, binaural beats, HemiSync(R) music, human voice, chanting, and so on.


Tuning forks  are one of a number of sound healing techniques that we use in our clinic. They work therapeutically through the physics principles of resonance and entrainment; initially they resonate with whatever dissonance they encounter, but after a few moments the orderly sine wave produced by the fork overtakes the dissonance being produced by the body. It has a modulating effect, settling the frequency down if it is too elevated, stimulating it if it is under-functioning.

[Video Demonstration of Entrainment]

The work of John Beaulieu has demonstrated that tuning forks can stimulate cellular production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that "puffs" out of our cells. As it travels through the body, it tells the muscles to relax and the blood vessels to dilate. In addition, it acts as a free radical scavenger, giving the immune system a boost. It is also known to have anti-microbial properties and can destroy tumour cells. Nitric Oxide activity has also been linked to anti-inflammatory effects.

The relaxation response is deeply stimulated simply by having tuning forks passed over the body. This deep relaxation allows mind, body, and emotions to settle down out of habitual patterns of holding and tension. The sound gently coaxes our inner "symphony" back into harmony, making it easier for the body to heal itself.

In addition, the sound appears to balance the nervous system, helping to calm it down or liven it up depending on need. In this way, sound can help to calm anxiety or lift depression. It seems to help bring the body into order in places where it is in disorder, and interrupt non-beneficial habits of thought, action, and movement. In doing so, it facilitates beneficial change on multiple levels surprisingly quickly and easily.

Seeing Is Believing

Below, one can see pictures from a Live Blood Audit "before" and "after" an Energy Healing Session, including Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks. These pictures are typical of those of our Clients who have opted to see for themselves the incredible transformation in their blood in just 45 mins of Sound Therapy. Their blood changes from  being sluggish and sticky with red cells clumping together like stacks of coins to fast flowing, motile blood with red cells separated and glowing and more able to deliver oxygen & nutrients to the cells.

                                      UNHEALTHY BLOOD                                                                         HEALTHY BLOOD

                                  (Before Sound Therapy)                                                                 (After Sound Therapy)


4.  Colour Therapy


The reason we see different colours is because each colour has its own distinct frequency, just like everything else in the universe. In clinic, we mainly use colour in conjunction with sound to balance the chakras and the aura or Energy Body. Usually this means wearing specially designed colour therapy glasses.

Each pair of coloured glasses corresponds to one of the seven major chakra centres in the body. Wearing a certain pair of coloured glasses helps to re-balance a certain chakra and stimulates the Energy Body to tune into and entrain to that particular frequency.

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that are found near an endocrine gland or nerve plexus on the body. The 7 main chakras approximate the 7 colours of the rainbow:-  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These colours correspond to root, sacral or splenic, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.