Testimonials and Case Histories




"...I am writing to let you know that since we started your health programme myself and my brother have both lost 2 stone and are feeling fitter than we have felt in years..."

--- CMG, Galway


"...As someone who works in the Health field I had always regarded myself as quite healthy until I had a BioTerrain Audit. The information I received in my Audit report from Mr. Donohoe was very comprehensive and very informative. For one thing, I always thought I drank enough water until on the health programme I actually measured it. When I drank the prescribed amount, along with the lemon and other items, my Salts level came down dramatically (From 44C to 18C). And with it my blood pressure. (Was 139 over 92; now 122 over 84)... And no more itching scalp or soles of the feet..."

--- FB, Cork


"I wrote a book called 'Wellness Fulfilment Longevity How To Live A Disease Free And Amazing Life' for which I studied the longevity nations. Subsequently I created an event in London called 'Health Spring' where I have engaged the top alternative speakers in the world that I could find. I was fortunate in my research to come across Gabriel Donohoe at Fools Crow Energy Healing. His passion and knowledge of how nutrition works and impacts upon the body is quite detailed and amazing. The BioTerrain Audit at a very critical point provided the fine tuning information that I know will make all the difference for me personally. Gabriel, we need more people like you. Regards..."

--- Karl de Leeuw, Dublin     http://www.karldeleeuwfoundation.com/



"...For years I suffered with exhaustion and fatigue... I went to doctors and homeopaths and alternative therapists but nothing seemed to work. Sometimes I'd get energy for a wee while but it didn't last. Then someone recommended I see Gabriel at Fools Crow Energy Clinic.  He found I was eating the wrong foods for my Metabolic Type.  His audit test showed I was a Fast Oxidizer and burned carbohydrates very quickly but didn't burn protein well.  Gabriel gave me a diet for Fast Oxidizers and set me up on a health & nutritional programme... Since then I haven't looked back.  Today, at over 50 years of age I feel I could run the marathon..."

--- AOB, Belfast



"I found Gabriel and Fools Crow on the internet... I am in Ireland since 2009, first as a student and then as a IT Programmer... I am from France... I suffer from depression since 9 years old and often I wake up crying... Something bad happened me with my uncle when I was a little girl.  With Gabriel I did three sessions of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and I cannot believe how the change in my life now is.  I still remember the bad things that happened but I no longer feel depression or have any more nightmares.  Today I feel happy and positive with my life..."

--- MDQ, Westmeath


"I attended Fools Crow Clinic on the recommendation of my sister in Sligo.  I suffered terribly with headaches and pains, especially PMS.  It turned out I had dropping blood sugar and very acid pHs.  I learned from Gabriel that when there's a lot of toxins in the body, the body will sometimes use the uterus to dump these toxins.  He gave me a diet and health programme which I followed religiously.  Now, after just 2 months I can't believe the difference... Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

--- OB, Cavan


"Gabriel, as good as the BioTerrain Audit was, I would go back again and again just for the Sound Healing.  First the meditation with the headphones, then the musical notes all around the body & the head with the tuning forks.  So relaxing, and energising.  When you showed me my blood samples before and after, I was totally amazed at the transformation."

--- PN, Louth







1.   Sheila,  Legal Secretary, aged 38 years, 5 feet 3 inches, (1.6 mtrs) 8 st 8 lbs (120 lbs or 54.4 kgs)


Sheila had been scheduled for a kidney stone operation but wished to have a nutritional evaluation first.  Her BioTerain Audit (BTA) revealed several anomalies:


a)  Low Blood Carbohydrates

b)  Double Acid pHs (Urine & Saliva)

c)  Excess Mineral (raised Salts)

d)  Raised Ureas (undigested proteins trapped in the tissues)


Sheila experienced symptoms of low blood Carbs headaches and cold hands & feet. Since blood carbohydrates have a direct effect on blood oxygen levels, the oxygen to the tissues was inadequate;  this was compounded by a lack of Iron and Vitamin A, both a result of aberrantly low pHs. (Iron & Vit A are required for well formed haemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen in the blood --- deficiency can lead to anaemia).


The low pHs also showed that her digestion was too fast. Food was leaving the stomach too soon, before the gastric acids could properly break it down, and the acidic bolus of food proceeded to irritate the bowel and cause diarrhoea.


Sheila's Salts reading showed she wasn't drinking enough water. This meant that the high electrical conductivity passing through the ionized minerals was literally 'frying' her nerves and adversely affecting her tissues and organs.


The raised Ureas, while not in a 'Danger' zone, could potentially put stress on her heart.


After 6 weeks on our Health & Lifestyle Programme, Sheila came back for a re-test.


Her Salts and Carbs levels had improved very well.  The urine pH was still too acid and the Ureas had dropped too low which meant that Potassium was not being picked up properly.  (Potassium is crucial for many bodily functions not least of which is electrical communication between brain and all the cells of the body).


The urine pH indicated that more Vitamin D3 was needed, along with an anionic Calcium. (NB: whenever Calcium is required, it is very important to take the right kind of Calcium, anionic or cationic, or it may worsen the situation.)  Also, proteolytic enzymes and hydrochloric acid were needed to pull the necessary mineral out of her food.


Sheila didn't return for a third BTA test because she and her family had migrated to Australia, but she did e-mail to say that her consultant had cancelled her surgery because he could no longer find any stone formation in the kidneys.



2.   Jason,  Child, aged 4 years, 3 feet 2 inches, (0.97 mtrs), 3 st 1 lbs, (43 lbs or 19.5 kgs)


Jason presented with a variety of complaints.  He was suffering from chronic upper respiratory problems and regular ear infections which had turned him into a fussy and irritable little boy.


His BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed that he was very toxic indeed.


a)   Dropping Levels of Blood Carbs erratic oxygen supply to the tissues, especially to the brain, which meant that the brain could not communicate effectively with the rest of the body to properly combat the chronic infections.


b)   His pHs (Urine & Saliva) were extremely anionic, close to 8 pH.  This slowed his body chemistry so much that he was constantly constipated.  Putrid fecal matter that is too long in the colon can lead to auto-intoxication, poisoning of one's body by the reabsorption of toxins that should have been long ago expelled.  If prolonged, this can become a breeding ground for parasites.


Further, it leads to aggravation of the upper respiratory system, sinus congestion, lymph congestion, and possible lung infections.  It can lead to deterioration of the discs in the back and deterioration of cartilage tissue.


c)   Jason's Salts were very high, the highest I had ever seen in a child.  He just wasn't drinking water.  His diet was high in processed foods too rich and concentrated.  He ate meat every day, sometimes twice a day.  (There is nothing wrong with 'clean' meat from animals fed on organic food and free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals.  Some researchers believe that a child's liver is not mature enough to handle meat until he/she is 12 years old.)


Little Jason was doubly compromised here.  pHs are a measure of the speed of electro-magnetic energy in the body.  The higher the pH, (anionic) the more the body's electricity is resisted.  The little boy had a high amount of bio-electrical current running through his body from the excess Salts but this high current was strongly resisted by the high pH.  Result excess heat, energy loss, and 'burning' of the tissues, especially soft tissue like lungs, brain, gut, nerves, etc.


d)   Jason's Ureas were also very high, nearing a heart stress zone.  No wonder the little fellow was complaining of pains in his 'tummy'.  Ureas reflect those excess proteins (Nitrate Nitrogen) and unusable proteins (Ammonia Nitrogen) that have escaped digestion & elimination and are trapped in the body's tissues.  Apart from Nitrogen toxicity, they also aggravate electrical conductivity, already too high.


We put together a programme for Jason which included a change of diet and much higher water intake.  We also included some supplements like kelp, Vits A and C, and green juices.  After two return visits, within a period of some 10 weeks, Jason's body chemistry came back into balance.  (Happily, children seem to respond much faster than adults.)



3.   Vincent,  Retired Barber, aged 62 years, 6 feet 1 inch, (1.85 mtrs), 13 st 3 lbs, (185 lbs or 83.9 kgs)


Vincent presented with aches and pains, joint problems, fatigue, and shortness of breath.  He used a walking stick and found it difficult to walk more than a block or so to collect the morning paper.


The results of his BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed that this was a man with a lot of problems.


a)   Vincent's Blood Carbs were very high, tending towards Insulin Resistance and possible development of Type II Diabetes.  Consequently, both brain and liver suffered from lack of oxygen, which generally creates a domino effect for more problems.  One of these could be cirrhosis of the liver.  Although Vincent was not a heavy drinker, the excess sugars in his blood caused the production of excess body alcohol by the pancreas.  The excess alcohol can also cause calcium to precipitate in the liver, leading to possible kidney stone development.


b)   Most alarming were Vincent's pH readings.  Most people will have a more acid Urine pH than a Saliva pH with the latter tending toward the alkaline direction.  Vincent's numbers were the extreme reverse of this:  highly alkaline Urine and highly acidic Saliva.  This is known as the "Stroke Pattern".  The body is breaking down faster than it is building up and shows rapid aging.  Combined with brain stress from oxygen deficiency, weakened arteries from high Salts (high electrical conductivity), high blood viscosity (sludge) from high Ureas, and high cell breakdown rate, the older the person the worse the potential for having stroke .


c)   Salts were very high and showed a lack of hydration in the system.  Vincent didn't drink water.  When thirsty, he would only drink coca cola or other carbonated soft drinks.  The high conductance caused the myelin sheath insulation on the nerves to be burned off. This caused the nerves to short circuit and resulted in numbness and tingling and problems with muscle coordination.


High conductivity (Salts) causes reverse osmosis and pulls synovial fluid out of the joints thereby creating joint deterioration and sets the stage for arthritis problems.  Vincent was very deficient in Vitamin C and certain Calciums.  These deficiencies and the general toxicity of the body created a tenseness in the muscles which often produce excess lactic acid which in turn can lead to soreness, aches, and pains.


d)   Ureas were low, showing a Potassium deficiency.  This, coupled with high Salts (conductivity), impacted adversely on the body chemistry and the electrical communication/messenger system needed to maintain proper health.  Some symptoms from this are pains in the neck and upper spine and occipital headaches.


We put Vincent on a strict health programme which he evidently stuck to.  Eight months later, after 5 or 6 retests to monitor progress, Vincent's body gradually began to come back into balance.  Now, he is walking without a cane and goes on long hillside walks.


4.   Tessa,  Child, aged 3 years, 2 feet 11 inches, (0.89 mtrs), 2 st 7 lbs, (35 lbs or 15.9 kgs)

Tessa presented with constipation, night sweats, and breathing difficulties which her parents suspected might be the onset of asthma.

Tessa's BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed:


a)   Extremely high blood Carbs (reflected in Urine 'Brix' readings)  --  the high blood Carbs, if prolonged, could well lead to Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance, or Type II Diabetes.  High Carbs means there is lots of oxygen in the system but, because of Partial Oxygen Pressure, the blood is unable to deliver its oxygen to the tissues (known as the 'Bohr Effect').


The lack of oxygen to the brain and liver meant that calciums were not being picked up by the liver.  Also, the body was also producing much too much alcohol via the pancreas.  This was likely to be the cause of the night sweats.


The child was drinking a lot of processed fruit juices and ate quite a lot of dried fruit like raisins and dates and apricots because the parents thought these were 'healthy'.


b)   Both pHs, Urine & Saliva, were raised.  This slowed down movement of food through the Digestive Tract (peristalsis).  Hence, constipation.  Tessa's diet was one of crisps and white bread and pasta and pizza and chips.


c)   Salts were very high.  Tessa drank virtually no water. 


After just a few weeks of water, lemon water, green drink and a change of diet, Tessa's health rapidly improved and was reflected in a BTA retest.  She had improved so much that her parents saw no need for further tests.


5.   Christina,  Housewife, aged 38 years, 5 feet 11 inches, (1.8 mtrs), 11 st 11 lbs, (165 lbs or 74.8 kgs)


Christina presented with headaches and mild depression and, more recently, she was beginning to suffer from seizures.  Her GP had prescribed tranquilizers.


Christina's BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed that she had a very low Blood Carbohydrate pattern which signalled rapid drops in Blood Sugar throughout the day;  also low Potassium as evidenced from low Ureas.  These two situations combined would cause headaches and would adversely affect messages between the brain and the nervous system.  If severe, there would be seizures and blackouts.


Christina also drank a lot of soft drinks in preference to water which put her adrenals under stress, among other things.  She also showed a Calcium deficiency which affected liver function, as well as the low oxygen from low carbohydrate in the blood.


After 2 weeks on our Health Programme she returned for a re-test.  Her Blood Carbs and Ureas (Potassium) had increased to more acceptable levels.  But her Salts went up dramatically.  This was a good sign:  it meant the body was now releasing stored toxins & debris to be eliminated from the system.


A month later, Christina's third test showed her pH & Salts numbers coming into balance, but Ureas and Carbs had both dropped again significantly.  In an effort to get fit, Christina had decided to take up jogging and cycling.  This great Energy expenditure meant there was more Energy going out than coming in.  What she really needed was rest & recreation until her body came completely back into balance.


After another month, all her test numbers had come into desirable ranges.  There were no more seizures or headaches.  And Christina, with her GP's approval, had discontinued her medication.



6.   Jeanette,  Housewife, aged 56 years, 5 feet 2 inches, (1.57 mtrs), 7 st 12 lbs, (110 lbs or 49.9 kgs)


Jeanette presented with chronic constipation, bladder problems, many allergies, and emotional turmoil.


Her BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed that her system was highly toxic.....


Her Blood Carbohydrate, or Blood Sugar, was in a low zone. This deprived her liver and brain of oxygen which caused many knock-on effects and poor neurological communication within her system.  Lack of oxygen also meant fatigue;  her cells were making Energy without oxygen, i.e., anaerobic fermentation, which is not good.  (E.g., cancer thrives in the absence of oxygen.)  It is also a very inefficient way to create Energy.


Both pHs, Urine & Saliva, were very anionic, almost at 8pH, and this meant high resistance to the electro-magnetic movement of Energy within the body.  High pHs slowed down Energy in the body and this led to her chronic constipation problems.  The toxic fecal matter in a slow moving colon was being reabsorbed into her blood stream and was gradually poisoning her.


Jeanette's Salts were very high, meaning high electrical conductivity throughout the body.  This high conductivity, coupled with high resistance (from high pHs), led to the "frying" of her nerves, the "burning" of organs & tissues, and a great amount of Energy loss in the form of heat.  Jeanette also experienced tingling & itching on her scalp, palms, and soles of feet from the high conductivity.  Another side effect was that her watch would stop, whatever type she wore.  And she had taken to putting tissue under the metal clips of her bra because it irritated her skin.


Her Ureas were quite high, in a heart stress zone, and this affected her back, lungs, upper respiratory system, and her sinus. 


Jeanette's body chemistry was so toxic that the primary eliminative organs were so overloaded that the secondary eliminative organs were called into play (e.g., lungs and sinus);  hence the aggravating symptoms known as allergies.  This general toxicity also played a large part in her emotional reactions.


We prepared a Health Programme for Jeanette which included colonic irrigation, proper hydration, diet, and additional magnesium to help bring down her high Urea numbers.  Jeanette returned for several re-tests over a six month period to monitor progress and to tweak the system if any imbalances should go in the opposite direction.


Jeanette feels very well presently, with no bladder problems, allergies, or constipation.  As a side effect, she has put on a few pounds, something she could never do in the past, and has now achieved the weight she always wanted to be.  And her watch no longer stops.



7.   Declan,  Barman, aged 44 years, 5 feet 10 inches, (1.78 mtrs), 11 st 9 lbs, (163 lbs or 73.9 kgs)


Declan presented with difficulty sleeping, excess bowel gas, bouts of diarrhoea, high cholesterol, and problems with vision.


His BioTerrain Audit (BTA) showed very high Blood Carbohydrates (Blood Sugar), high Salts, raised Ureas, and low pHs (double acid, Urine & Saliva).


Declan's adrenals were over stimulated due to the high Salts (lack of water) and the acidic pH numbers.  This caused tenseness and led to his inability to sleep at night.


The carbohydrates were high because the body was not producing enough insulin;  also, the effect of insulin was weakened in the acidic terrain (low pHs).  Usually, people with this level of high carbohydrates make too much body alcohol from the excess sugar.  This didn't happen in Declan's case, no doubt because the low pHs allowed Energy to move too fast in his body chemistry and stymied the fermentation process.  Also, he did not have excess body heat, which is normal with high carbs.  Again, this was because of low pHs which provided low resistance to the high conductivity from high Salts.


Declan's problem with loose stools came from the double acid pHs and the water he drank.  He would drink large amounts of water irregularly;  this wasn't doing much good for his liver which needs small but regular amounts of water throughout the day.


Because of his imbalances, oxygen was deficient to the system and to the brain.  The lack of oxygen affected Vitamin A which is needed by the eyes for proper vision.  And the high Salts contributed greatly to his high cholesterol.  Also, because his Saliva pH was well below 6.4, this showed he was deficient in Vitamin B12.


After following our Health Programme for 6 weeks, Declan's original problems began to disappear.  His pHs are not fully within the proper range yet, but he is working well and determined to continue on the programme.